Hospitals of the Ministry of defense to be urgently built in Transbaikalia

In connection with the deterioration in Transbaikalia the situation with coronavirus President Vladimir Putin instructed to provide urgent assistance to the region. In particular, the Ministry of defense given the task to deploy in the province military hospital.

“I Ask the defense Minister to immediately deploy the relevant structures of the hospital — in this case, in Transbaikalia — equipped with all necessary equipment and specialists to assist patients with the coronavirus,” said the head of state, speaking at a meeting with permanent members of the security Council of the Russian Federation. The live broadcast of the meeting led the TV channel “Russia 24” and the website Вести.Ru.

Vladimir Putin has reminded that the capabilities of the Armed forces in this region has been repeatedly and successfully used within the country and abroad. In Russian regions built 16 hospitals for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. In particular, the President highlighted the work of military physicians in Dagestan.

Speaking about the situation with coronavirus in the whole country, Vladimir Putin stated that it continues to improve. However, the President urged not to relax and constantly monitor the situation.

“of course, we Have to constantly and carefully monitor the situation in each region and quickly, to respond immediately to the changing situation,” — said the head of state.

At this point in 85 regions of the country was 441 108 cases of coronavirus, a new type. Fully recovered 204 623 people. 5 384 deaths.