Hotels, beauty salons, walk: regions return to normal life

In recent days in Russia revealed 8595 new cases of coronavirus. According to doctors, the disease is easier than a month ago. Now daily gain of those who recovered — 11 709. But all in all, Russia has recovered from COVID-19 240 thousand. Against this background, Crimea cancels the mandatory visual observation for visitors since the 15th of June. Rosturizm hopes to fully restore travel across the country by 1 July. And already there are plans to Charter in Kaliningrad, in Buryatia, Altai.

Each family a calf. Free. In the Kurgan region so help villagers who have lost income due to the coronavirus. In the market for such a bull is worth 12 thousand rubles — as of one minimum wage. They are not it will be watched by veterinarians. Animal breeding is an investment in the near future.

“so we Have something all his own. Milk the calf is drinking cow we own,” — says Vladimir Frolov, the father of many children.

In the cities of other concerns. Albeit in disguise, albeit with gloves on, but the newly opened beauty salon — it is a symbol of new life. In Yoshkar-Ola record — this month is already closed — so willing.

“Take one man in the Cabinet, after which all treated. Throw out all disposable instruments,” — says Ksenia Gromova, master eyelash.

And in the Kaliningrad region opened the promenade and hotels on the Curonian spit. So far only for residents of the region whose tastes for the time of the epidemic has changed.

“the Preference of people to sparsely populated now,” — said the girl.

And in Yaroslavl allowed to open clothing stores, but only those which have a separate entrance.

“a Very long time, we sat at home and was denied that opportunity to please yourself and now we can enjoy”, — shared her emotions the woman.

Regions are beginning to return to normal life. And right now it is especially important to observe all sanitary rules.

did this on constructionve Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP on the Kolyma. Three shift workers detected the virus. The rest is now in quarantine. But doctors were astounded by the living conditions in the dormitory.

Construction, gold mining, mining — shift workers here is always used. But some companies take visitors like about the coronavirus and not heard.

Another flash in the Khabarovsk Krai and again in the hostel shift workers arrived at the fish Putin.

“Businesses stop, to impose a quarantine, exit and entry of people from the establishment to stop. And the company’s management to prosecute,” said Sergey Furgal, the Governor of Khabarovsk territory.

While the virus is not defeated once — increasing the capacity of the Russian hospital. Help regions and the military.

a new multifunctional hospital earned in Sevastopol. Equipment for your stay — there’s even a device “Artificial lung”. Saves, doesn’t help when conventional ventilation.

“This machine can saturate the blood and lungs to work instead,” explains the doctor.

And these of 6 thousand square meters and 100 beds — a new medical centre in Volgograd. Contact with an infected person is minimized.

“Put what you want to share. And on the other side the door is locked, it is impossible to open, while the door is open,” says a military doctor.

And of course everywhere there is a constant total disinfection of streets. for example, in city Free the Amur region. To clearly clear the scale of the reported cultivated area is equal to 80 football fields.