Hotels in St. Petersburg and Moscow lose RUB 1 billion per day due to limitations

the Hotels of St. Petersburg and Moscow loses every day more than 1 billion daily, the study says consulting company Rusland SP.

At present, the average caseload of the capital’s hotels during the season decreased to 15% from 88% last year. The average room rate fell from 12 thousand to 3.2 thousand rubles.

Thus, to coronaries market generated about 876,5 million rubles a day, and now Moscow hotels earn only 27.9 million. Lost profit is 848,5 million rubles.

In the capital, now has about 70% of the total volume of about 83 thousand rooms.Many hotels have suspended activities for the duration of the pandemic coronavirus. Experts have called a “catastrophic” situation in the hotel market of Moscow.

the Average loading of hotels of St. Petersburg decreased along with Moscow — up to 15% with 90% in the white nights season last year. The average tariff for namarupa from 8 thousand to 1.5 thousand rubles.

Planned revenue of the St. Petersburg hotel business to coronaries was about 167.7 million rubles a day. To date, the hotels generate approximately 1.5 million rubles per day, while daily losses are about 166 million rubles.

Experts Rusland SP noted a small positive trend and hope for an increase in the average load of hotels up to 30% on the season results.