Hotline for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will run until the evening of July 1,

Continues to operate a hotline to changes in the Constitution of Russia. The number of operators answering calls, — the authors of the amendments to the main law of the country. To ask questions can be up until 9 PM on 1 July.

More than 20 thousand applications for eight days of call-center work. Questions without exception, for each of the more than 200 amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

among the most popular questions on the indexation of pensions, including to working pensioners, the mention of God in the Constitution, presidential terms, Russia’s borders and the status of the Russian language. For each item personally responsible including the framers of the Constitution. For the second time in a week on the hotline directly communicates with voters, one of the authors of the amendments — Senator Andrey Klishas.

“There are issues that relate to the work of Parliament. For example, “Why there are no restrictions for the deputies to take the parliamentary seats a certain number of times?” Continuing issues for social blocks of the Constitution. Including on pensions, according to the living wage and the minimum wage. That is, there is enough subject, a very interesting discussion. People understand the issues. Very happy that our citizens are willing to make such an informed decision,” — said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas.

Discussions in the course of communication of citizens with politicians caused and the point about the priority of national law over international. The explanations on this article gave Senator Konstantin Kosachev. In particular, answered the question whether the citizens of Russia appeal to the ECHR and to rely on the decisions of the European court in Russia. In short — Yes, you can. Russia plays and will play the European Convention on human rights.

“Russia remains in the jurisdiction of the European court of human rights, of course the Convention on human rights and, accordingly, maintains its commitments to those mechanisms that exist and are enabled when the European court of human rights considered a complaint will issue her verdict. The only exception to this procedure now occurs only in the case that the European court of human rights is outside its powers under the Convention, in fact, its decision is in conflict with the Convention. Because he finds in it something that it is not recorded, but that he believes it is recorded,” — said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

it Turns out — if the decision of the intergovernmental bodies would be contrary to our Constitution, the final verdict will be for the Constitutional court of Russia. This is what is meant by the primacy of national legislation. As such the amendment is treated in the West, said a member of the Venice Commission taliya khabrieva.

“we Have many countries where the legal system is based on the supremacy of the Constitution. I think it is very important that the Venice Commission, though, and pointed out the recommendation that it would be good to correct this formulation. It is clear that they are interested in the unconditional execution of any decisions. But the Venice Commission pointed out that the sovereign right of States to determine the question of the relationship between national and international law,” — explains the Director of the Institute of legislation and comparative law taliya khabrieva.

on the hotline and get advice on a point of order vote. For example, what if the citizen is unable to vote at their place of residence and did not have time to pre-register at “Mobile voter”? How to vote to those who have lost the passport and do not have time to make a new one?

“If you lose your passport, but are in the region where you are registered, needabout to go to the MFC to the bodies of migration registration, help, (temporary identity card) and with this help to come to the site and vote”, — says member of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Evgeny Shevchenko.

the Hot line will work another day and will close Wednesday evening, July 1, only after your choice do the residents of the Kaliningrad region. Ask questions and get information about the content of the Constitution and the procedure of voting possible on a single number +7 (800) 100-09-72.