How and where to apply, yet the exam: advice from the rectors

on 20 June in the Russian universities start admission campaign. Applicants have the right to submit documents to five different institutions, each of which you can choose up to three specializations or training areas. However, while the future of students is not the main thing to admission of the results of the exam. Whom, when and how to enroll?

first, let’s not forget about those who passed the exam, for example, a year ago — the result is valid for four years. Secondly, in the calendar all designed. Admission campaign will be held from June 20 to August 17. The exam will take from 3 July to 8 of August, which you can pre-submit the entire package of securities, except for the exam — the result will be entered into the database later.

will the universities cope with it by September 1? The timing is hard. 19 Aug lists of applicants shall be posted on the website of the University, and by the end of August there will be published and the orders of enrollment. The universities promise to begin the school year on time.

“the University has time to make a decision in such a short time — all the universities in time. Go to the first and second wave of enrollment in the last five days of August, maybe seven days. This gives students the opportunity to begin a normal academic year maximum with a delay of one week”, — said the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev.

Submit documents remotely in several ways — send to e-mail the University, or to upload through your personal account. Some educational institutions make it through the portal if there account or in printed form by mail — by registered mail or courier service.

“last year, through the online office documents passed about forty percent of applicants. You know, I think this situation would in a sense accelerated for ten years or fifteen transition to online filing. Think any difficulties it will not cause our students”, — said the rector of Tomsk state University Eduard Galazhinsky.

many universities, in addition to the exam, have their own additional entrance tests, interviews or a creative contest. How they will conduct this year? The study itself will begin in September alive in the classroom or online, from which we still have a little time to get tired?

Additional testing this year will not be cancelled. Interviews, for example, the MIPT will hold online, but creative competition in the Shchukin theatre Institute in General divided into two stages. The first approach is online, and the final inspection still hope to hold in the internal format.

“See, we’re not vain spent online all listening. Exam he the contest itself. If in normal times, we are somewhere on 5 July held this contest, but now his move is it will be in late July or early August, which is also not scary,” — said the rector of the Theatre Institute named after B. Shchukin Evgeny Knyazev.

the leaders this year, medical specialty. On behalf of the President, the medical schools increase the range. But this is the case, when the profession it is necessary to touch hands.

“How can you teach a doctor to remotely diagnose a disease? Probably a certain percentage and at the clinical departments can be carried out remotely, but it can’t be more than 20-30 percent. We want to start full-time education, that is traditional. You may have to start online, and then to adapt to the situation”, — said the rector MSMSU behalf Evdokimov, the head dentist of Russia Oleg Yanushevich.

to Reduce the number of budget places and increase the cost of education is not in the plans. The boundary should not affect the transparency and objectivity of the appointment.

“Change the timing, but nothing changes from the standpointI openness, awareness of each student and society in General about the progress of admission campaign”, — said the Director of the IIPAM of RANEPA, a member of the expert Council on law of the higher attestation Commission of Russia Igor Bartsits.