How fish oil affects the quality of male sperm?

fish oil Supplements can improve sperm quality and function of the testes in a healthy young men, found by researchers from Denmark and the United States.

the Work presented in the journal JAMA Network Open, confirms the findings of previous studies, suggesting that consumption of supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids, helps men to improve fertility (that is fertility).

In the new study involved almost 1,700 young people aged 18-19 years. In the proposed questionnaires they told about his lifestyle and diet, including the use of vitamins and supplements during the previous three months.

Also, volunteers underwent a medical examination and handed over for analysis samples of blood and semen.

as a result, the researchers found a significant correlation between consumption of fish oil and increase sperm count. Taking such supplements has also been associated with Bo∎a larger size of the testicles and a healthier profile of hormones involved with sperm production (including testosterone).

In particular, the “capacity” of the testicles in men taking fish oil 60 days or longer were at a half a milliliter more in comparison with participants who were not taking fish oil supplements. Meanwhile, the volume of sperm released during ejaculation, the first were on average 0.64 per milliliter more than the second.

the same improvements (though not significant) was observed among men who took fish oil supplements at least 60 days.

the Authors note that such a correlation was not observed among the volunteers who took other supplements.

“men who took a multivitamin, b vitamins or vitamin C, was not observed this effect. For me it is an indication that the matter is in fish oil, not only in the health of men or their healthy lifestyle,” said the study’s lead author Tina Koll Jensen (Tina Kold Jensen) from the University of southern Denmark.

Scientists have not tested the level of Fertiscenic spots men. However, they note that all above mentioned factors should lead to an overall increase in “fertility”.

“Because they have more sperm, they will be more likely to fertilize the egg,” explains Jensen.

Note that the experts of the world health organization consider the lower limit of normal the level of 39 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

Only 12.4% of participants who took fish oil supplements had a sperm count below this level. While the proportion of men among participants not taking any supplements, amounted to 17.2%.

Experts say that while I can’t explain how fish oil affects the quality of sperm and whether the increase in volume of sperm is due to changes in the size of the testicles in men who have taken the appropriate supplements.

meanwhile, the experts commented on the results of this study, noted an important caveat: the researchers did not record exactly how much cod liver oil was accepted by the participants.

in addition, the authors are not told about the diet of the men. And diet is an important factor in reproductive health. It is not excluded that together with food, some participants could get more of substances that affect the quality of sperm than others. (By the way, diet quickly changes the quality of sperm.)

“On the basis of one study it is impossible to recommend fish oil to people in General. Necessary well-designed randomized clinical trials to establish a causal connection [between taking servile grease, and to improve the quality of sperm], noted andrologist, albert Salas-Watos (Albert Salas-Huetos) from the University of Utah, author of an accompanying editorial in the journal JAMA Network Open.

In the future, scientists plan to find out what benefits ingestion of fish oil can bring men who have diagnosed fertility issues.

by the Way, experts remind that the important role in the production of healthy sperm, have not only omega-3 fats, but also antioxidant.danty (including vitamin C, selenium and vitamin a) and zinc.

the Men, wishing to improve the quality of sperm, researchers are also advised to monitor weight and to guard against exposure to household chemicals.

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Text: To.Science