How heat affects coronavirus and whether to wait for the second wave? Interview With Mikhail Murashko

the health Ministry is preparing for the second wave of the pandemic coronavirus — waiting for her in the fall. More about this told the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko in an interview Naila Asker-zade on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

– In Russia was already 3 of the drug from the coronavirus. Which ones are most effective and how many days they can cure this disease?

– All drugs with different point of application. Are drugs and in particular, affect the reproduction of the virus on virus replication, and drugs that affect the complications associated directly with the disease. Therefore, we cannot say that a particular drug is better or worse. The purpose of each drug are performed by a doctor is necessary, and the choice can be only specifically for each situation, medical professional. Otherwise, in no event it is impossible to recommend any drug as a panacea in the treatment of coronavirus infection.

– And over what period of you can recover from coronavirus, to use these drugs?

– we Have two types of registration. This is the registration of medicinal products, held on a full cycle and there is already some data on safety, effectiveness. And the mode of observation of the drug when treatment is in standard mode. There is a system of pharmacovigilance, monitoring adverse reactions, quality control and so on. There are drugs that are registered with conditions, that is at a reduced group of patients. And when the first results show that this drug can be used (this principle exists in many countries), the drug is administered, the mode of observation. As a rule, these drugs are permitted for use primarily in the fixed network, since the monitoring of the patient in the hospital almost around the clock. In this situation, we can learn more about this drug and decide whether we can continue it calmly start to use health care workersand or need to impose some additional restrictive mode. Is essentially the regime of a police observation of a drug that entered the market. Two drugs are released from registration on the terms that you entered this mode.

– How effective is the use of healthy people of anti-malarial drugs to prevent coronavirus? Is it worth doing? Because some doctors recommend.

– Since these prescription drugs there is only access to doctor appointments, categorically oseltamivir these drugs are not recommend. We see that there are adverse outcomes, adverse events as allergic reactions, arrhythmias and other. Therefore, it is the drugs that should be administered only according to clinical indications and should be used only when the doctor. Can be a critical situation, when there is a high risk of infection, for example, an employee who had contact with a health worker who worked or faced. Exist for a number of drugs, including for treatment of HIV infections, other infectious diseases, when given a prophylactic course. But it is always determined individually by a medical professional. In any case it is impossible to recommend population receiving uncontrollably this type of drugs. In any case.

– In what stage is the process of vaccine development? And could it be that two or three vaccines at once will be launched into mass production at once?

This is the best option always, when on the market there are a few vaccines. Because different types of vaccines and on different platforms, for them there are different groups, including the security profile is for who can use a particular drug. I emphasize that the vaccine is a medicinal drug. So, of course, we expect that the market will be several drugs. We see in General in the world of SFformirovalis group development, which are roughly similar directions. And different types of vaccines that bet. It is very good. Each one will have its period of protection. Yet to be assessed, how much time will be saved specific immunity after vaccination, all of this monitoring process will be. Here for this type of drugs will also be set to observation. We now consider what format should be. This is a very subtle point that affects the assessment, including security and the subsequent possible events that can occur after vaccination. So be sure for them to be stage of the observations, including after when they receive the check.

– In many regions have gradually removed restrictions. In your opinion, how justified were the actions that were taken in the last three weeks? Whether it had been these breaks?

– Each region is in different stages of the epidemiological process. Today, use the index reproduction, the coefficient reproduction. And just this factor also speaks about the status and prevalence of this process. Estimation in the presence of a good test for us and says if you can. There are a number of indicators for which we estimate, including the number of cases, the number of units on the hospital bed. Including the estimated number of heavy patients. We see that different regions are in different stages. According to our estimates, 21 the region is quite calm, but in the rest all the same epidemiological process flows. Once again, he is in different stages. So, of course, to say that today it is necessary to completely remove any quarantine actions or to return to that lifestyle that, say, we had until January 2020, it is too early in all regions. It is unique.

– you Can highlight regions where more favorable situation?

– you Can name a few regions. For example, Tyumen oblast. Againagain, I don’t want to say that if I now call the region, it would be a reason to say that all is peaceful. Probably not. Moscow gives a good result in the reduction of hospitalization by the number of cases. But we say keep the rules of hygiene, rules of restrictions, which are recommended to the population, is necessary. In General, the situation is manageable. But each region would have to listen to the medical staff. The staff who works on the territory of the region gives a reasonable, good quality advice, including directly to employers for the opening of certain shops, areas of life. Of course, each region should take its decisions on the opening of a particular infrastructure, in order to protect its population. And it is important that the people listened to these recommendations. To hear in this moment is the issue of security of each.

– How justified was the mask mode? And when citizens will be able, without risk to their health to remove the mask?

– Mask mode should be maintained. Today we see that the coefficient of reproduction even in peaceful regions floating. Of course, it depends on the number of contacts, the rules we follow, from our social activity. Therefore a population-based immunity in General is not formed. Yes, we see today when testing that there is already a layer of the immune people with specific immunity, and they become more, since there are already and recover in one form or another people. But while we’re talking about the lifting of restrictions, the transition to a normal, peaceful way of life earlier.

– speaking about the survivors, whether they on myself — on clothes, on hands, transferring the virus? And when it is safe with them already start to communicate?

the Man with the immune system, better protected himself. Since its defenses allow it to overcome the virus, if he’s faced with it again. Itt the same person who had been ill and who does not have these defences in the face of any things or, for example, in the case that the guest will bring to clothing or some objects, then, of course, the risk exists. That’s the reason why you need to follow the distancing, hygiene, restrict communications when a large number of people are going Hiking to a friend’s house. Still, it should still be limited.

– That is, before to celebrate the end of quarantine? Gather with friends in large companies?

– Certain relaxations of the restrictions are, we should gradually approach. For this government, and staff makes recommendations. It is very important not just to look at the whole situation in the country. It is important to know to be interested in what is happening specifically in your specifically in your region and specifically in your community.

– In the whole country from 8 to 9 thousand cases a day. Is not reduced below 8 thousand. Why?

– It is just we mentioned. This indicator is the rate of reproduction. Because it varies so from 0.8, this affects the total number of cases. Therefore, the number of regions that have some relief, are increasing the rate of reproduction. This is the format of floating constraints. These publications have been there since January. This is a different scheme for quarantine. They just are used. There are mathematical models which indicate that depending on the situation can be under different modes. A rigid quarantine, floating events, when restrictions are imposed at the weekend. This option also exists in these models and can be used. Therefore, we say that today the surveillance of this is the element which allows us a flexible approach to the opening up of the economy, the opening of certain familiar processes. This is the format in which we live today.

– That is, in Russia, too, is a possible format when gradually be rotated and the imposition of quarantine, and cancellation?

– of Course, possible. We must be ready. And the medical community and medical organizations are ready today. We spent the time, when unfolded, the entire system and the mobilization was conducted. So Yes, of course.

– a deterioration that experts expect in the fall, where it can reach in our country? Again, the virus will be delivered or will mutate the viruses that are in our country walk?

– There are several factors. The statistics today say that there are repeated drifts, those localities and States where the situation was stabilized. But there are climatic factors. We know that a certain temperature favors the transfer of coronavirus infection. But there is summer. We communicate with our colleagues, including from countries where temperature has long been kept in high numbers, and they say that the activity of coronavirus infection is not reduced, but pales into insignificance what we faced in the spring and autumn period. It’s all kinds of acute respiratory disease of other etiology, which may overlap with and affect the processes during coronavirus infection. So autumn is actually the combination of certain factors may be climatic, plus the emergence of respiratory infections, which are typical for this time of year. It is very important part of the preparation for this season, including vaccination against influenza. Today we are preparing for it. The production of vaccine against the flu is in full swing, the Ministry of health has concluded all the contracts. And we expect in August the receipt of these vaccines. We are now considering, from what period it is better to start to best protect our population.

– Rosturizm announced that you can expect to stay in the country. That is, in July-August, you can plan a vacation?

– the Whole discussion today and it offersYong is not hard recommendations. We see that the situation is changing, and we cannot say that is guaranteed, you can expect that in the place where you are going to come to rest, be safe and be quiet. Hope it will be so. But we must be prepared to change your plans, if it comes to our health, or situation in the place where we planned our visit, our stay. You need to be prepared.

– Now there are antibody tests. Should I continue to do PCR tests for antibodies? What is more effective? Where to go, what to do?

are two different type of research. PCR is a method for identifying the causative agent of the virus. That is, we define its presence on the mucous membranes of a person. Detection of antibodies or already know – immunoglobulin M immunoglobulin G, each bit becomes a virologist and a medical professional, is immune response. Immunoglobulin M talking about the acute phase of the disease. Of course, sometimes you need a few tests to do to see what stage of the disease. Because the immunoglobulin G appear in a later period and speak about the formation of specific immunity. Therefore, one method does not replace another. They are two completely different approach to diagnosis. Again, PCR is the definition itself of the pathogen, and the definition of immunoglobulin — a as an immune response. Have more immunoglobulin A, but he appears very quickly, during the acute phase of illness, determine when you need to make a differential diagnosis — what is this disease. But he used more medical staff inpatient and outpatient network.

– what is the situation with payments to doctors who worked with patients with coronavirus infection? How many people have already received them?

Today the situation is stable, because in the first period, when such payments started only when it just started, there were PTStier many questions — from both directly to organizations and the health care providers themselves. Presidential payments today get more than 270 thousand people in our country that provide assistance to patients directly in hot spots, red zones, and working on a dedicated ambulance crews. Plus there is an additional cost for doctors working with risk categories. They also stand out. Special or outpatient techniques, first aid, which goes to the patients, such medical professionals in the country today 370 thousand. We see that the situation on payments and appeals stabilized. And I want to thank, including chief doctors, heads of regions that they carefully began to relate to this and explain when the employees have a question and they need to personally speak. There are good materials that explain, why, who put the payment. This is quality work. So we need to move on.

– Thank you very much.