How Prince Harry got the Queen to forgive him, unknown details of the family Council

Today, 14 January, Scotland Yard held an emergency closed-door meeting about how now to protect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So far were doing a special squad of the London police. Unexpected rupture of Harry and Megan with the Royal family stumped and other departments, both in Britain and in the countries where are going to move the Prince with his wife. How did Harry managed to convince the Queen to let him go?

the Rebellious Prince Harry is eventually received from the Queen the support they require. Elizabeth II allowed him with his wife to live in two homes: Canada and the UK. As reported by the courtiers, the Queen took grandson separately to negotiations with other family members. Then was lunch, which was attended by the heir to the throne Prince Charles. Past to this company is joined by older brother Harry William. Went home all in one. Not to say that relations in the Royal family warmed sharply, but loyal to the Prince Harry fans breathed a sigh of relief. His future should be in his own hands. Of course, it is necessary to think primarily about his wife and son.

In an official statement, the Queen says she sees no reason to interfere with the desires of a young family.

“We would prefer that they remained members of the Royal family on a regular basis. We understand and respect their desire to live a more independent life, while remaining a valuable part of my family.”

Meticulous observers have already drawn attention to the fact that Queen Elizabeth II turns to the grandson and his wife by name, without mentioning their titles. Does this mean that in the end will be lowered their status in the Royal family? Also, nothing is known about how dare one of the main issues on the financing of the wandering Prince.

the Times, citing sources at Scotland Yard, says that his transatlantic venture will cost the state Treasury. Harry is now a potential target for terrorists, he participated in the battleout of action in Afghanistan. Him and Megan are now constantly accompanied by six armed bodyguards. Over the past year, the costs for tickets and hotel rooms for the protection of members of the Royal family already increased by two million pounds sterling.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that questions on the safety of Harry, he is ready to discuss: “While we have not had discussions on this subject, but they will follow and will be held on different levels.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson the government sees no unsolvable problems:

“of course I’m a big fan of the Queen and the Royal family. This is a fantastic asset for our country. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Would be better if I refrain from comment.”

the US President Donald trump, in contrast, believes that the British Queen can only sympathize:

“I think it’s sad. She (the Queen) a beautiful woman. She’s never been wrong. Her reign was impeccable.”

it is said that the act of Harry grieved his 98-year-old grandfather. Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to once again not to injure, especially was taken from Sandringham, where the meeting took place. The Prince and his wife are accused that they knocked everything they wanted, threatening to give detailed interview. Write that at the court refused to discuss anything with Meghan Markle on the phone allegedly for fear of leaks.

Outraged, the British passed their anger through social networks: “Prince Harry is the biggest disappointment in the Royal family. They (Harry and Megan) blackmailed the Queen and the whole British people. Meghan Markle never have to come back here”.

the Royal family Biographer penny junor, M. p., said:

“Harry was a very cheerful, happy person. He was always laughing, joking. This cheerful, charming man, I think, is gone, and in its place appeared angry, unhappy, Harry.”

fromthe existence of Harry, his brother William enjoys performing Royal duties and today swapped out the grandmother, handing the order of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace.

the fate of Harry and Megan have still not resolved. Elizabeth II said only that her grandson is waiting for a transitional period, but how long it will last and than will end — is unknown.

this week Prince Harry will at least once be declared at the Royal court. Thursday waiting for him at Buckingham Palace where he shall conduct the draw for the Rugby world Cup. Then, apparently, he will return to Canada to his family.