How to apologize for his behavior at the office party

Psychologists advise how to apologize for his behavior at the office party and what to do if you feel guilt for the actions committed on new year holiday? Professor PFUR, doctor of social psychology Maxim Kiselyov gives three options of behavior in case you have been drinking, entered into a squabble with a colleague (and not only verbal), revealed secrets, etc. “you Can write a message to colleagues, you can call, you can pretend that nothing happened. It all depends on the relationships built in the team”, quotes Professor radio Sputnik.

Kiselev advises while apologising to refer to the fact that you were in fact lucid. This could be a reason for an apology, and some will smooth the overall impression of your act.

If your unseemly act got in the photo or video was posted online, then the best option reaction to the irony and the appeal of a joke. All other types of reaction operates at a loss. Besides playing into the hands of a potential blackmailer or the manipulator.

the Professor was reminded that the corporate sharper show all the weaknesses in the team. A lot depends on how organized the festival where it is held etc. If in the team all is well, corporate will not interfere with future work. If not, the corporate may become evident things “show cracks in the team,” – said Kiselev.