How to avoid getting in a transport with a doctor's advice

If you someone close got in public transport, it is better to get up and change seats – this advice was given by Alexander Myasnikov in the program “Doctor butcher” on TV channel “Russia 1”. In his view, respect for social distance in this popular transportation like subway or train – of science fiction. Therefore, the doctor advises to monitor the distance between you and the neighbor in transport, and to open the window.

“If you go to the train, where looser, addicted to you, I advise you to get up and move. If you’re trapped in the vestibule, go to the window and open it. If you are driving in the car with the passenger open the window and use the air conditioning,” he advises.

He recalled the catch phrase from prutkov “I Want to be happy, be!” and rephrase it in “I Want to be healthy keep the social distance”. The doctor also advised to replace short trips to public transport by walking. Or wait for the next, less crowded transport. “Better not to run”, he concluded.

Earlier, Alexander Myasnikov said about how fear hinders the development of their own immunity from the coronavirus, and that you can eat, not to ache.