Confetti flying around group of cheerful friends celebrating a party with large cake and drinks on table in foreground

All birthdays deserve to be commemorated, but a milestone birthday requires a little extra attention. Whether your style is going all out with a huge party, or you prefer something a bit more low-key, celebrate your milestone with an extra-special activity this year. Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate your birthday in style.

Throw a Birthday Bash

If you are an extroverted type who enjoys being the center of attention, a massive birthday bash with all of your friends and family should be on the cards this year. Hosting a party with everyone you know is a great way to commemorate a special date, and it will give your loved ones an excellent reason to get together and have fun. When planning a big party, make sure you check out suitable venues and get your invitations out as soon as possible. Any worthy party should feature food and drinks. Consider whether you want a catered party or if homemade nibbles will suffice. Chances are that your close ones will be willing to help you with this aspect of your event. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you get a few great shots of your special night.

Spend a Cozy Evening with Your Nearest and Dearest

Those who enjoy celebrating on a small scale may prefer to spend a cozy evening with their nearest and dearest instead. Throw a small shindig at home and invite your closest friends and family or make a reservation at a local restaurant and enjoy conversing with your favorite people. Low-key events can be just as much fun as larger parties, with the added bonus of feeling more personal.

Commemorate Your Night with an Engraved Champagne Bottle

Whether you decide to go big with a massive event or keep things simple by inviting a select few guests to share your night with you, a unique way to commemorate your special milestone birthday is with an engraved champagne bottle. Sip & Say Craft Wine & Spirits is a New York-based store with an online shop too. They have a diverse collection of liquors to offer and can provide a free engraving service with most purchases. You can choose to have a special birthday message engraved on your chosen bottle or even a photograph. An engraved champagne bottle is the perfect keepsake after a fabulous night with everyone you love.

Enjoy a Birthday Getaway

Spending your birthday away from home is a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion. Whether you decide to treat yourself to an all-inclusive vacation to an exotic country, take a road trip with your best friends or go on a short break close to home, make sure you do something you love on your birthday.

Tick an Item Off Your Bucket List

Many people have a bucket list of some sort. This list is often filled with a diverse range of items that range from achievable within the near future to practically unrealistic. Checking off an item on your list and making your bucket list a little bit shorter is a wonderful achievement for a milestone birthday and can help you feel empowered and more fulfilled.