How to celebrate the New year and survive. Tips Of The CPS

Task-minimum — to survive the New year. It will help to manage expert advice of the CPS. If you listen to these recommendations, then in 2020 you can enter with almost no harm to your health.

the First tip is to drink alcohol in moderation. The Council has and continue – overeating: drunk it is difficult to control the amount eaten. Alcohol increases cravings for sweets and fatty, experts stress.

the CPS proposes to have a special celebration and gatherings at the table are not limited. It contests, Raffles, and outdoor games. If it’s outdoor games in the fresh air, then another tip is to dress op the weather. Preference should be given to multilayered clothes: several layers of light clothing more efficiently retain heat compared to the one warm item of outerwear.

Gala dinner it is advisable to start with low-fat protein food, fresh vegetables and herbs. They will saturate, and will support good health throughout the festive evening. Products with a high content of fat and salt it is better to have less stress in the CPS. These products include sausages, cheeses, caviar and salted fish.

What the CPS does not recommend? Avoid dehydration, call the experts of the Department. Moreover, alcohol binds water, and thirst can easily be confused with hunger… and to overeat. It is best to drink water, juices and fruit drinks.

Earlier, the chief psychiatrist of Moscow Eugene Brune gave safety tips for the New year. He named the safest alcohol for the New year. And safe dose.

tips on how to celebrate the holiday and not to spoil its “heart” problems was given by the doctor with 45 years experience, Vice-President of Cardiological society of Russia, Director of the clinic of hospital therapy №1 academician Yuri Belenkov.