Created in 2018 to replace social energy tariffs, the energy check is an aid paid, subject to means conditions. It actually concerns the most modest households in order to support them in their daily expenses. Here, it is, above all, about paying the electricity and gas bills. However, conditions are essential to be able to benefit from it and, when you meet them, steps still need to be taken. We’ll take stock for you to find out how you can claim it from July.

Thanks to the energy check, millions of low-income households can, every year, be supported in paying their energy bills, but also in paying the energy charges included in their charges. The purchase of fuel, but also certain energy renovation work, are part of the amounts covered by the aid. Remember that this energy check is nominative and is valid until March 31 of the year following its issue.

The energy check remains a means-tested aid. It is the tax administration, which establishes the list of beneficiaries according to the reference tax income (RFR) of the household and the composition of the household determined in consumption unit (CU). Social landlords are now required to accept the energy check as a means of payment for rental charges including energy costs. In 2024, the amount of the energy check will be between 48 and 277 euros.

If you are eligible for the energy check, you usually do not need to take any action. Receipt of the energy check is done by mail to the last address indicated to the tax administration. In principle, shipments are made in April and your energy check is valid until March 31 of the following year.

The campaign to automatically send energy checks for the year 2024 ended on April 25. Nevertheless, engaged in the fight against energy poverty, the government has chosen to set up a portal to allow households, who are eligible based on their situation in 2022, to request this energy check.

To benefit from the energy check, according to this system, you must connect to the dedicated online portal, which will open during the month of July. The request can be made until the end of the year on the site that has been designed:

In this case, you are required to provide your tax number, your identity document, as well as an energy bill in your name. After studying your file, you will receive your energy check within a maximum of one month. If you are far from digital, you will be able to complete your request via user assistance by sending your supporting documents by post.