As an ex-pat in France, finding a good job can be quite challenging, especially since the European countries havea strict reliance on the French language. Though the Government here has time and again made several provisions for the employment benefit of international students and ex-pats – any job apart from the most menial ones, without speaking in French can be quite a task.

However, fear not. We bring to you some simple steps that makes it easier to find jobs in France for foreigners, and if Paris is your dream destination, then this blog can help find jobs in Paris for non-French speakers.

1.      Job Portals

There are a number of job portals run by private players and government organisations that help in finding jobs in France for foreigners. Though the probability of getting something useful through these websites is like finding a needle in a haystack, if you’re persistent enough, you will surely get an opening somewhere.

Some famous websites for finding jobs in France for foreigners are Expatica, L’etudiant and The Local.

2.      Teaching English in Local Schools

This is one of the most easily available jobs in Paris for non-French speakers. If you are an immigrant and fluent in English, there are many schools here that will offer you the role of an English teacher for french students. You can also find these kinds of jobs through specialised websites that list down such job openings at regular intervals.

3.      Networking

This is one tool that has the possibility of reversing any preset notions that exist about finding jobs in Paris for non-French speakers or finding jobs in France for foreigners. Even though the common perception is that you may not get favourable employment in the country due to a lack of French language skills, networking can surely help you go places. Through networking and referrals, you can not only get a job that you desire, but you can also pursue it despite not knowing the local language.

4.      Newspapers, Embassies and Foreign Organisations

Last but not least, French newspapers have several job adverts and vacancies looking for people. Though finding the right one may take time, you will eventually get something useful. Further, you can also contact your local national embassy or foreign organisations for any suitable jobs.

In a Nutshell

Moving to another country and having to survive by yourself can be a herculean task on its own. Especially when it is an expensive country like France, finding a suitable source of income becomes all the more important. Hence these tips, to get that dream job effortlessly!