How to get out of isolation for patients with cardiovascular diseases

On TV channel “Russia 1” Vice-President of Russian society of cardiology, academician of RAS, Director of the clinic of hospital therapy №1 medical faculty of the First Moscow state medical University named after Sechenov Yuri Belenkov gave advice to people with cardiovascular disease, how to get out of the period of isolation imposed over coronavirus.

First of all, the doctor says, you have to do a cardiogram and, if necessary, and Holter ECG, that is a long entry.

It should be, and ischemic heart disease, and in violation not only of the heart, says Belenkov.

“of Course to control — the doctor — blood pressure and it is desirable to make daily monitoring of blood pressure: to hang a monitor that during the day will record the data for increasing pressure,” continues well-known doctor and TV presenter.

you should Also check the cholesterol level, because as long as people stayed home, many allow themselves too much in terms of food, and, consequently, the level could rise.

For this reason, it is necessary to control the level of glucose in the blood to see rose sugar.

the Following paragraph, continues Dr. Belenkov, is to adjust treatment, if necessary.

“Very important: the athlete spent two months at home? From a marathon not run,” warns the doctor, and adds that this applies to all: to exit isolation over smoothly.

That is, if people ran in isolation for 5 kilometers, then after sitting at home should start with two miles, the doctor’s advice.

At the same time it is necessary to measure the pulse rate and note that now there is a period detrenirovannosti, so that the pulse rate will be higher than usual.

Well, and those on the isolation adhered to the diet, Dr. Belenkov advises to continue in the same spirit and of course , more to be outdoors.

“That’s the best advice that is clear to all. We are all hungry for clean air,” says a famous doctor and television presenter.

While patients with cardiovascular diseases Yury Belenkov recalls: “Freedom is the freedom and control of your condition is very important.”

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