How to get rid of promotional calls and messages: tips FAS

the Federal Antimonopoly service gave some advice to the Russians, wishing to get rid of the annoying promotional calls and SMS. As writes “the Russian newspaper” in the first place, the FAS recommends that the owner of a phone number to find out, not did he give informed consent to receive promotional materials. Most often, advertising spam starts to come after the conclusion of contracts or services in the banks, cellular operators, or shops. The owner should withdraw the consent to receive advertisements

In the FAS stressed that calls and messages can come from these companies, and call centers, in this case, the distribution meets the one who sends spam. “Your first oral request they should stop advertising. The same needs to be done and the operator if he extends advertising agreement which you did not give” — said the FAS.

If treatment did not help, citizens cannot seek protection in the FAS. Experts will need to provide detailed statement from your provider as well as a screenshot of a test message or print email.