How to recognize heat stroke and provide first aid: resuscitation councils of

In the summer heat easy to make heat stroke. Most of all he is exposed to people suffering from hypertension and diabetes who are overweight, and thyroid disease. How to recognize heat stroke and to help the victim, told the TV channel “Russia 1” anesthesiologist, emergency doctor Peter Davidov.

He explained that heat stroke is called the critical state of the organism in which there is a failure of the adaptive reaction – that reaction when the person is sweating removes from your body of excess heat.

Heat stroke occurs, in particular, from dehydration when the body lacks moisture, it begins to reduce sweating. The reasons for this state can be a high humidity in the street and high solar activity, synthetic clothing, alcohol consumption or certain drugs. We are talking about such drugs as diuretics and drugs affect the ability of blood vessels to shrink and expand.

the First signs of heat stroke – increase in skin temperature, malaise, slight nausea, drowsiness. Also about heat stroke can witness the changing of skin color.

“Red skin color is characteristic of heat exhaustion before heat stroke. If in heat stroke, the skin pales, becomes bluish color when there is a spasm of peripheral vessels and blood circulation, this is typical for a severe condition. When the bluish color of the skin of the person will be unconscious by now”, – said the doctor.

First aid for heat stroke – drink plenty of liquids. In General, heat should consume more liquid. It is important to observe the principle of “drink as you want,” said Davydov. If the sense of thirst does not appear, you need to follow the sweating: dry clothes can be a sign that it’s time to replenish fluids in the body.

have Suffered heat stroke the person should as soon as possible to sit or lay, to give him water and cooling. If it is not possible to put him in a cool bath, you can use cold compresses: will fit even a bottle of cold water. They are applied to the places of passage of large vessels – is, for example, inguinal folds and popliteal surface. You can cover the victim with a wet sheet.

Earlier, the doctor Alexander Myasnikov told which drinks are better to eat in the heat. Against the advice of nutritionists, it is recommended to drink such “forbidden” beverages, such as tea and coffee. Also the doctor gave advice on how best to eat in hot weather.