This address appears on all your official documents. But how can you quickly register your SARL? What services can help you in this process? Let’s do a check in !

Article L123-11 of the Commercial Code stipulates that every company must have a head office upon its incorporation and throughout its existence. The domiciliation of an SARL (Limited Liability Company) consists of assigning it a head office. This address appears on all official documents such as invoices, contracts, quotes and commercial mail.

The choice of place of domiciliation must respect several legal conditions depending on the type of domiciliation chosen (personal home, commercial premises, etc.). Once the decision has been made, it is the manager who must carry out all the necessary formalities with the competent bodies. The goal ? Make this new address official with the legal and tax authorities. It is a quick process, but requires rigor and precision.

The main information that must appear in the domiciliation certificate is:

Without an official registered office address, the company cannot be registered with the RCS (Commerce and Companies Register). This registration is necessary to obtain a SIRET number and thus be able to conclude contracts, issue invoices and open a professional bank account. In addition, rapid domiciliation facilitates the start of commercial operations. It gives the company a legal existence which reassures its partners: customers, suppliers or potential investors.

Domiciling the SARL at the manager’s home is a popular option for small businesses. It has the advantage of being simple to implement and economical. However, restrictions may apply if the accommodation is rented or part of a co-ownership.

This choice frees you from administrative tasks related to mail management. Domiciliation companies also provide other services such as office rental and meeting rooms.

Domiciling your SARL with a third party (friend, family) or in commercial premises is interesting if you have a space adapted to your activity. However, this solution generally requires a more formal contract and must respect certain legal conditions: such as the authorization of the owner.

In general, opting for a domiciliation company or a coworking space is faster than renting commercial premises, particularly in terms of administrative formalities. The best option depends on several criteria: your budget, sector of activity, clientele, etc.) as well as your long-term objectives.

Accelerating the process of domiciling an SARL allows you to quickly start your activities and take advantage of business opportunities. Here are some effective strategies to make this process easier and faster.