How to remain a child even in 70: recipe for happiness from Vyacheslav Polunin

a Sad MIME with a big yellow phone. The image of Bisaya he invented 40 years ago. Since then it has traveled to fifty countries, gave 7 thousand outstanding views. Now lives on the estate, the “Yellow mill” near Paris, where the trees are growing yellow chairs, and all guests are strictly forbidden to grow up.

We are led to see the great clown in quarantine in France. He never stays in one place, and if not closed the border, would now an exhibition of four dozen of their projects in Moscow. And while “blurring” the boundaries between life and art in a creative laboratory near Paris.

Romance, energy, excitement, passion – these unique gardens-wonders here 10, and soon will have another, just grew planted 15 years ago, birch trees, on a clearing appears hut on chicken legs, all in wooden lace. In love with life, he admits that to dream and fantasize it taught by nature itself.

Mother wanted him to learn to be an engineer, then gave up, because in his soul there lived a clown inspired by the movie “the Kid” with Charlie Chaplin. Visual poet, he loves to shock and surprise, making it impossible.

“I loved to dress up in sandals and a red shirt, walk down Nevsky until you get to the police, and then we gathered and learned, where today the underground rock-n-roll, and until the morning danced” — says people’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Polunin.

He memorized Marcel Marceau, went to all the performances Raikin, took something from the bed, I spent several years in the St. Petersburg library, studying people’s characters. Thus was born the famous Frosty. Took pantomime, clowning, street theatre, cinema, cabaret, every 7 years, the direction changed. Created around 130 projects. Spent two years in Cirque du Soleil. Particularly fond of the world “Snow show”.

“Snow show” I have dedicated the word “tenderness”. Negativity just sea, oceans, I’m trying to fill the world with joy, and let say, Thank, you too all happy, and you too black. You need something that at the second the scales laid down, which gives the possibility in this world harmoniously and to achieve my goal,” says Polunin.

the Key is to fool the soul. Always whistling, humming and Bouncing. Most have succeeded in becoming the honorary academicians of his own “Academy of fools”. The recipe for happiness is simple. “You need to do only what you junket, and with those who want to embrace, even during the coronavirus,” said Polunin. And yet to remain a child even when you turned 70.