How to stay longer in a sober mind and sound memory

the TV channel “Russia 1” the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov and doctor of medical Sciences, neurologist and President of the International society “the Stress is under control,” Elena Karachkova told viewers about how you can trust the drugs, which are believed to stimulate the brain and allow you to be in “sound mind and sound of memory” as long as possible.

Doctors say that many drugs that are often advertised, including on television, often have an effect above placebo.

While a number of drugs really can help a person is to throw the brain a little “fuel” it needs.

However, as always, are assigned these drugs by physicians and with consideration of the peculiarities of the health status of the patient.

Usually, says Dr. Miasnikov, the main “brain fuel” is taken in the process of life, and with drugs we can help him a little.

Experts say that often the human brain cannot focus on the main, and in the Internet era, it would seem, exercise your memory do not need – just type a query in a search engine and obtain the desired information.

However, memory coaching can and should, says butchers.

He advises to be interested in everything happening in the world. “When you are socially active and interested, then you’ll remember” — says the doctor.

If need to remember something specific, then it should make it important to put in the brain in priority.

Need to read a lot, ponder events, eat right (this particularly will help the consumption of seafood) should be exercise, because the movement we stimulate brain activity.

of Course, it is important to abandon bad habits.

“You have to remember that medicine is a good thing, but you have to be lean, agile, a little hungry, to be actively interested in life in all its manifestationsimprovements and consult with experts if you still want to resort to any medications — admonishes teleparent Alexander Myasnikov.