Hung a garland of sausages in Prague again desecrated the monument to Marshal Konev

In the district Prague 6 (Prague, Czech Republic) the vandals again desecrated the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev. On the bronze statue hung a garland of sausages with attached ribbons from wreaths laid at the pedestal in honor of the 122nd anniversary of the birth of Marshall. He was born on 16 (28) December, 1897.

Now, the police on duty. Looking for offenders, reports TASS.

the rally near the monument has not been cancelled. At first the monument will gather activists demanding to keep the statue of the commander, under whose command the city was liberated from the Nazis. After – support the government’s decision on the transfer of the monument.

In September, the municipal authorities decided to erect a memorial to commemorate the liberation of Prague is the monument to Konev. The place for the monument are now looking for.

the Russian foreign Ministry reacted very negatively to this idea and noted that the decision of the district authorities can lead to the deterioration of bilateral relations.

Local residents have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the transfer of the monument, one Czech and even chained themselves metal chain to the pedestal of the monument. Czech President Milos Zeman also wanted to keep the statue in Prague 6.