the representatives of The hunters will be Monday at the department of ecological Transition. Invited by François de Rugy, they will have to make “commitments to strengthen security” to the minister, he said Friday on France 2. This decision was in response to several accidents in the forest, which was the death of a cyclist in Haute-Savoie in mid-October, which resulted in the temporary closure of area to hunting and rekindled the debate between supporters and opponents of Sunday hunting.

“We have the right to walk on foot or by bicycle, in locations where there may be hunting, any security,” says François de Rugy on France 2. He refused to ban the hunting of all or part of the weekend, as the claim about 170 000 signatories to a petition.

The responsibility of the federations of hunting

To reduce the number of accidents, the minister refers to the generalizability of the safety training that already offer some of the hunting federations, with the idea of “reassure the French”. It is up to the departmental federations position on the subject, since the law on hunting of July 2000, it is they who are responsible to inform and educate hunters.

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In the course to obtain a hunting permit, there are already modules which are safety related and the past four years, the security issues are the playoffs during the exam, according to the national Office of hunting and wildlife.

Since the beginning of the year, five people have been killed in hunting accidents, and the majority of them were hunters. Twenty-five others were injured to varying degrees more or less serious.

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However, the number of fatal accidents has significantly decreased since the 1990s, and was at its lowest level in the last year, with thirteen deaths, ten of which are hunters.