Former Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky thanked the culture Ministry for the work done. According to him, in the current environment the Agency has a great complex and good conditions.

the Corresponding statement the former Minister of culture made during the presentation of the new Minister Olga Lyubimova. Medina said that everyone who works in the Department for more than eight years, remembers that it was “free Ministry,” one third of the building which was leased. At present there are good conditions for work as Agency staff “gave heart, time, life, health, his soul.”

According to the former Minister of culture, over the years teams in the country in three-fold increase in the revenues of the Federal museums in two and a half times the income of theatres, and in two and a half times the fees of Russian cinema. Vladimir Medinsky thanked the Ministry and said that every time he would pass by the new buildings of the Tretyakov gallery, the Polytechnic, a Philharmonic society, will recall with fondness the time spent there. “Thank you so much and thanks to the President, the Prime Minister for his wise choice”, — noted ex-the Minister of culture.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko presented the new Minister of culture Olga Lyubimov staff of the Ministry. According to him, it’s reliable, “tried and tested comrade and fighter”, which has been tested in various guises. Chernyshenko noted that the government has no doubt that Lyubimov can handle it, since all the work that was carried out under the leadership of Medina, led to the current success.

the New Minister of culture, in turn, thanked the participants for honouring trust. According to Lyubimova, she could not imagine that will stand on the stage as such. Olga Borisovna said that we all have difficult days, but she is confident in the team that are not afraid to work. In an address to colleagues Lyubimova noted that they have planned, there are a huge number of plans.

the President of Russia Vladimir Putih 21 Jan appointed head of Department of culture Olga Lyubimov at the post of Minister of culture. On this post it has replaced Vladimir Medinsky, who led the office since 2012.