Ibiza and Mallorca banned free alcohol and

the Balearic Islands decided to fight hard with the so-called “drunken tourism”. Earlier, the government tried to take measures to combat antisocial behavior of tourists (especially British youth), but the effect they have not given.

as a result, it was decided to take radical steps: Ibiza and Mallorca officially banned unlimited alcohol in hotels working on system “all inclusive”, and also alcohol advertising.

it is Noted that at lunch and dinner to guests of the hotels will offer more than three alcoholic drinks, moreover, they will have paid separately.

in addition, in the bars and restaurants (including the hotels) prohibits various actions to stimulate the alcohol consumption – such as “happy hours”, “two drinks for the price of one” “tour” at drinking establishments, and similar stock.

will Change the work schedule of local shops — from 21:30 to 8:00 sale of alcohol will be prohibited, according to the website of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

Under the ban also got a variety of party yachts and other leisure activities for tourists, during which alcohol is “flowing”.

moreover, the issuance of new licenses for the opening of new bars and parties on the water, suspended for two years.

Also now at these resorts will be fined a very substantial sum for the so-called “beckoning” (jumping from the balcony to the pool or balcony to balcony).

Such “entertainment” has ended with the death of dozens of tourists – especially young British people.

Those who will be caught doing this faces a fine of up to 60 thousand euros and immediate eviction from the property.

If the offender will not be deported, then fined the hotel. And, to a significant amount.

In General, the various penalties for bars, restaurants and hotels that would violate the introduced bans, constitute from 6 thousand to 600 thousand euros, and in special circumstances the school may close for up to three years.

a New law against “drunken tourism” will take effect from the end of January.

Under its scope are not subject to only the contracts of tour operators with the hotels that signed until mid-January 2020.

This is done in order to rid of foreign tour operators from dealing with tourists who have already purchased packages for the current season.