IC opened a criminal case on coronavirus fake

a Resident of Moscow became involved in the case, as decided to spread false information about the coronavirus. The attacker used one of the social networks and popular video sharing. About the incident reported on the website of the capital of the Investigative Committee.

Muscovite under the guise of reliable information published the video “the Virus likes matzo? Perish the better.” It told of a coronavirus that is allegedly a “disease of Feigel’son-Jacobson” whose existence is hidden.

a man born in 1966 had published a post entitled “more and more patients go to the authorities.” It contains false information that under the guise of fighting COVID-19 people EN masse are removed the internal organs, and subsequently sold for transplantation.

the Investigating authorities believe that the man had published a similar video in order to increase the size of your audience. The desire to be popular led to that in Moscow opened a criminal case.

Earlier, another resident of the capital decided to “open the eyes” to the truth, published false information in the social network. The woman spread roller with medical masks on the counter, noting that there are supposed to distribute free of charge because it is humanitarian aid.

Violators face a fine of three hundred thousand rubles. Maximum penalty — restriction of liberty for a term of three years.