Identifies areas where most people get cancer

the highest incidence of malignant tumors were registered in the Arkhangelsk region – 566,2 cases per 100 thousand people. Such data results in RT with reference to the Ministry of health of Russia.

in second place In the number of cases of Bryansk oblast (556,2 case), the third – Sakhalin oblast (550,2 case). Next come Mordovia (548,6), Penza (548,1), Orel (546,9), Yaroslavl (543,4), Kursk (537,7) and Ivanovo region (534,2). It is the regions with the highest incidence rate.

the lowest rate recorded in Dagestan, where 163,6 cases per 100 thousand people, Chechnya (164,2), Ingushetia (176,5), Chukotka (205,4) and in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (215,3).

In Moscow, last year it was revealed 385,3 new cases of cancer per 100 thousand population in St. Petersburg — 506,5 case.

Only in 2019, sick oncological diseases were detected in 640,4 thousands of people. This is more than the previous year by 2.5 percent, when the rate was 624,7 thousands. Experts attribute the growing number of cases with improved quality of diagnosis, expansion of programs for early screening and increased life expectancy of Russians.