If tomorrow the war: how much time is needed ABOUT the forces to protect the capital

a Few tens of minutes is needed to defend Moscow from a missile attack, said the commander of the missile defense (NMD), major-General Sergei Grabchuk.

“If target is attacking Moscow, the system of missile attack warning forms of targeting for a missile defense system that starts your combat cycle,” said Grabczuk in an interview with the newspaper “Red star”.

According to him, the duration of the combat operation of the missile defense system is up to several tens of minutes. Target detection is made at ranges of several thousand kilometers, and the missile combat short-lived and may last less than a minute.

major-General stressed that the existing strategic missile defense system able to intercept a few tens of warheads existing and future types of ballistic missiles, equipped with a set of tools to overcome missile defense. Thus, the system is able to reflect a limited nuclear strike.