Home Breaking Ignatenko agreed to arrest, despite hospitalization

Ignatenko agreed to arrest, despite hospitalization

Ignatenko agreed to arrest, despite hospitalization

a Zoologist from Rostov-on-don Alexander Ignatenko will be arrested. The corresponding decision was made by the court of Sri Lanka. This decision of the court is not prevented to make even the fact that the Russian was admitted to hospital because of stomach problems.

Vice-President of the Russian division of the International Committee for the protection of human rights Ivan Melnikov said that there were three local businessmen who agreed to the release of the zoologist from custody on bail. Alexander Ignatenko complained of feeling unwell, but the court, for unknown reasons, still decided to take him into custody.

the Russians had a gastric haemorrhage and increased temperature. He was taken directly from the courthouse. Ivan Melnikov has sent a message to the Russian Consul in Sri Lanka to take measures to help Alexander Ignatenko.

At the same time, the lawyer zoologist George Sukhov told Interfax that the decision to arrest his client has not been made. Russia continues to undergo treatment at one of the local hospitals.

Alexander Ignatenko went to prison for violation of the current in Sri Lanka ban on the collection of flora and fauna in the man found several dead bugs. In the case of zoologist are also two more Russians.

In may, Ignatenko was released from prison on bail, the reason for this was the situation with coronavirus. The Russians noted that he needs to pay a fine of three million rubles, or else face up to 40 years in prison.