IKEA will pay $ 46 million for the death of a boy crushed by dresser

the Trading network IKEA will pay a record amount to the family of the two year-old boy who died after falling of his chest produced by the Swedish company.

the Tragic incident occurred in 2017 in the state of California. Two-year-old Joseph Dudek tried to climb on a chest of drawers Malm series, with the result that it crushed a 32-pound design.

a Year earlier the safety Commission consumer products USA reported four dead children who also suffered as a result of incidents with chests of drawers Malm. In the end, the Swedish company decided to withdraw the ill-fated series of sales. According to the Associated Press, the family of the deceased boy did not know about this solution, IKEA and filed a lawsuit against. The company settled the case out of court and agreed to pay the parents Dudek $ 46 million. IKEA noted that despite the inability to change the tragic events, they welcome the resolution of the trial.

In 2016, the Swedish manufacturer of furniture and accessories paid $ 50 million in connection with similar circumstances of the deaths of children. Only the US has sold about 17.3 million chests of drawers Malm.