the stabilization of the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 is confirmed by the data of the operational headquarters. Daily increase of detected cases COVID -19 more than a week stays at the same level. On may 22, again less than 9 thousand new infections — more precisely, 8894 person. The proportion of those who coped with the coronavirus, has exceeded 30% of the total number infected. It’s almost a hundred thousand. We have assessed more than 8 million tests for coronavirus. They showed that almost half of surveyed suffered a virus without clinical manifestations of the disease. In Moscow from the 25th of may everyone will get the opportunity to take the test for antibodies to the coronavirus. A positive result of this test suggests that the body formed an immune response to the causative agent.

On the Kamchatka Peninsula begins summer Putin, a small fishing Seiners already going to sea and returning with their catch of flounder, cod and Pollock.

“the Fish are different from us. The size is normal, Putin began at us,” rejoice rybodobytchikami.

In the fishing season on the Peninsula needs workers, thousands come from different Russian regions. To all new arrivals now mandatory two-week quarantine.

“I’m from Khabarovsk. On may 3, we came here. Spent two weeks in quarantine, in isolation. And here began work. Today – my first fish,” says one of the women who came to Putin to work.

Regions gradually soften restrictions, observing security measures.

In Tuva have earned hairdressers, haircut zero is no longer relevant.

In Nizhny Novgorod, one of the newly opened beauty salons have visited the Governor Gleb Nikitin.

“Haircut is absolutely simple: the parting of the classic, whiskey slant,” says the Governor of the hairdresser.

Masters work in masks and gloves, the time interval between clients, 20 minutes for sanitation. In the salons of the cameras, with their help, the CPS monitors the observance of sanitary requirements, to avoid new outbreaks.

a New focus of infection identified in Barnaul, in the Altai regional hospital confirmed the diagnosis in 40 health care workers.

a Similar story in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The 38 employees of the ambulance service identified the coronavirus, however, about half of infected ambulance drivers.

“I think in the near future this center will be localized and organized work so that people did not catch on” — promised in the government.

Gradually come to life in the cities streets, parks, playgrounds, railway stations.

Everywhere is sanitation.

New rules apply for the railroad. Seating in waiting rooms — through one. Not all seats in cars is now available.

“the cars type reserved seat you can issue up to two places, the rest are blocked, says the cashier in Ryazan. — The sale is not available on the top side of the place.”

In Sevastopol, open shops with non-food items, entrepreneurs consider the losses. For Vladimir, which sells gifts and Souvenirs, the loss is proportional to the number of missed holidays.

“birthdays, anniversaries — it’s in the first place. And some things specific like a housewarming party. Then, in General, this year we have not felt such a holiday as Easter” — lists the reasons, which in the spring of 2020 does not earn the owner of the gift shop of Sevastopol Vladimir SAB.

Sakhalin zoo was opened. During the quarantine, there appeared new cubs and Nile geese.

“to minimize contact with the animals, feed packages until sold. Feeding her the food, too, is impossible,” — emphasizes the expert in public relations of Sakhalin Zoological and Botanical Park Irina Ohota

In St. Petersburg of the cases is 12.5 thousand, but the number recovered. Doctor 40-th city hospital Anatoly Spirin was ill.

“I have wanted to write letters to his daughter”, — recognized neurologist city hospital no 40 of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Spirin.

He recovered thanks to the method of plasma transfusion from a patient who recover from coronavirus infection. Michael Litka, the patient Botkin hospital, and his wife Svetlana moved the infection in April. After discharge ordered a batch of badges with the inscription — “I’m healthy!” And now carrying them on to hospitals.

“We’ve both been ill with the virus,” says Michael.

“Yes, but I was sick at home and he got here”, said Svetlana, nodding at the Botkin hospital.

“the more badges will be seen on the street, the more people will know that the infection can be beat,” explains Michael, the meaning of his action.

Petersburg is preparing for the city day, the main events will be held online. But it is clear that the townspeople look forward to living experiences.