a Resident of Poland has decided to vent anger and attacked Russian truck. The actions of the man captured on video, and now the aggressive pole is in a psychiatric hospital.

As reported Gorzowianin, the incident occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday, from 25 to 26 January in the centre of Strzelce KrajeĊ„skie the Man stopped the truck DAF, and then began to beat the windshield of the car with a road sign. The pole shouted: “This is my city, I’m in charge here”. The attacker struck the glass of the vehicle in several places.

In the cab of the truck were two Russian citizens. Luckily they were not injured.

a Resident of Poland has been detained by police, after which he was taken to a psychiatric clinic. In addition, it became known that before the man hijacked a car without license plates tried to fill the car with petrol. Then, the attacker left the car in the middle of the ring, where he later attacked the truck.

a spokesman for police headquarters Tomas Bartos confirmed the news. According to him, the man could not understand what he was doing.