Impeach trump's in the USA: the Republicans rejected the Democrats

In the U.S. Senate escalates the confrontation of opponents and supporters of Donald trump during the procedure of impeachment.

Republicans rejected the Democrats: the latter has asked the White house and then the state Department a greater number of documents associated with meetings and phone calls trump with Zelensky.

in addition, Democrats demanded details of all investigations concerning Ukraine and the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden – the main competitor of trump in the upcoming elections. Supposedly trump demanded that Kiev help to beat an opponent in a political race. Advocates of the current head of the White house sharply criticized the prosecution.

However, political analysts doubt that impeachment will be held. In the Senate a majority of Republicans, who surely will protect their leader from attacks from Democrats, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“the President has a privilege to communicate, and it has a constitutional origin, the lawyer said trump J. Sekulow. — Confidentiality is essential to protect decision-making by the Executive. I don’t even know why we’re here. Because of a phone call or because the date of the oath of the President to trump his opponents dream to have him removed from office?”