Impeachment for the record: the Democrats will not be able to kill trumps trump

thousands of people and thousands of photos — just too many to remember. Commented on the American President Donald trump the words of the new prosecution witnesses, presented by Democrats in the case of impeachment. Interview everyone channels gives the businessman from Odessa Leo Parnassus. Says, familiar with trump as evidence leads together. Parnas claims that the White house was aware of the whole company, which the Americans deployed in Ukraine against Democrat Joe Biden. Moreover, he oversaw through a lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Impeachment as a sell! This hashtag for the last day took the lead in literally all the social networks. Of course, with the filing of Donald trump, who commented on the referral of the case of impeachment to the Senate from his presidential chair in the White house.

“I’ll tell you what: it’s all one big sham. Huge sell. First there was the witch hunt about Russia, we’ve done it. We all have been through a lot since I first came into the presidential race,” said the US President Donald trump.

But Democrats now are unlikely to stop. Prosecutors consider the case in the Senate, they chose articles in the Upper chamber of the Congress passed, the President of the Supreme court sworn in as part of the process of impeachment brought.

the Trump card Democrats — Lev Parnas. After the October arrest in the USA he sang about trump Nightingale. And the fact that the President was aware of the dealings of Parnassus in Ukraine, there’s talk about pressure on the government in order to initiate an investigation against Democrat Joe Biden. And the fact that the us President had personally given about this order. Told Parnas and what fired former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, which, according to the prosecution, refused to cooperate with the proceedings against Biden.

He fired it right in front of You?

“Yes,” confirms Ukrainian bbiznesmen Leo Parnassus.

What happened?

– It was our first meeting. It was a dinner party at the trump hotel in Washington. In conversation he raised the subject of Ukraine, and I shared with the President their opinions. Said, that Jovanovic spoke as if trump is waiting for impeachment, something like that. She’s another of the Obama administration.

– You said it at the table where sat the President?

‘ Yes. He looked at me, very angry, and then turned to John, Stefano and said “fire her.”

Hinted Parnas and illegal surveillance of Jovanovic. Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, and later to reporters, he passed on correspondence with the American entrepreneur Robert Hyde, which allegedly testifies to the supervision over Jovanovic.

To Hajdu, who is currently running for Congressman from Connecticut, immediately visited by the FBI. He visited as a businessman at home and in his office. It is reported that the agents came to find relationship with the lawyer trump, Rudy Giuliani, who, according to the prosecution, and oversaw the whole Ukrainian history. Became interested in the possible surveillance of the Ambassador in Ukraine. And brought two criminal cases for violation of the secrecy of correspondence and inviolability of private life.

“Ukraine’s Position not to intervene in the internal Affairs of the United States. However, in the published records contain the fact of a possible violation of the Ukrainian legislation and the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, which protects the rights of a diplomat in the territory of another state. Ukraine can not ignore such illegal activities on its territory”, — stated on the page of the MFA of Ukraine in Facebook.

In accordance with international mechanisms, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has proposed the American side to take part in this investigation.

However, later the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that the words of Parnassus you do not believe. In particular the fact that trump threatened to leaveth Kiev without military aid if the new administration of Ukraine refused to initiate an investigation against the activities of Biden’s son to Burisma company.

“the Support provided to Ukraine, which says Parnas, revised on a regular basis over the past few years – at least twice a year, mid-year and at the end. Sometimes it’s cut because of what is happening in Ukraine. Sometimes increased. At the end of the year we got even more planned. This man is just trying to escape from-for brought against him in the US charges. Again, I am not from him”, — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko.

Now the words of Parnassus will be closely examined in the Senate, where most seats for Republicans. However, to consider the matter of impeachment will be for show. Too good indicators of the success of the President trump the poverty rate fell by a record 12% unemployment for the first time in 50 years was reduced to 3.5 percent and annual growth of the Gross national product in 2 times more than during all the reign of Obama.

With such results its workhorse, the Republicans will protect against all adversity – most importantly, to have taken the party in the upcoming election directly to the White house.