Important legislative changes: a brief list

From 1 January in Russia came into force many important legislative changes. Thus, the minimum wage grew by 7.5%. Now it will be 12 thousand 130 roubles.

6.5%, that is above inflation, will rise and retirement pensioners. On average, it will reach 16.5 thousand rubles. The increase will affect 32 million people.

one important law that came into force this year: to relatives and legal representatives of patients were allowed to visit their loved ones in intensive care.

increased penalties for accidents committed in a drunken state. If the victims in the accident received serious bodily harm, the maximum sentence will be five years. For the accident, which killed one man now faces up to 12 years, and if the casualties were few — up to 15 years in prison.

the Parent capital in 2020 will amount to almost 467 thousand. Thus, the payoff for the birth of the second child and subsequent children will increase by three percent.

in addition, now the purchaser of real estate deemed to be bona fide if the transaction it relied on data from the Uniform state register of real estate, reports channel “Russia 24”.