Impotent resolution on Iran: comments of Congress and the White house

In the United States, the lower house of Congress approved the restriction of the powers of the trump fighting against Iran. However, the odds were only 30 votes, and the resolution force has not.

while the Resolution only expresses the position of the opponents of the trump, most of them Democrats. In the Senate, where Republicans have the advantage, the document is unlikely to approve. But the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi insists that the steps of the trump against Iran are alarming.

“We adopted today a resolution on the limitation of the military actions of the President. The President’s administration must end the conflict must protect us and to prevent further violence. America and the world cannot afford a war,” she said.

At the White house a resolution of the house of representatives called just another political step. Moreover, she said that it was an attempt to undermine the President’s ability to trump to confront the “terrorist activities by Tehran,” and insist that the decision to kill the Iranian commander Soleimani was right.

Although, according to many senators, the administration trump was unable to explain why this was a military operation.

the head of the White house in a speech in Ohio criticized Nancy Pelosi and vote in the House of representatives: “Nancy, a nervous Nancy… After we eliminated the threat Soleimani, on the scene such characters as Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. And begin to ask me: “How dare you kill him?! You had to ask permission from Congress and had to tell us in all detail what you want to do, so we have time to create fake news and diversion information”.