In 2020, under the program of renovation will hand over another 65 buildings

In a new apartment in the next few days under the program of renovation will relocate more than 100 families in Babushkinsky area of Moscow. Not far off a massive housewarming party in Basmanny district. For two years, yet effective program for immigrants already built 49 houses. All finished apartments comfort class. This year operation plan to take another 65 buildings.

Marina Viktorova, with her daughter and collect the first box of stuff to move to a new home will be within days. Their one-bedroom apartment is on the first floor of an old building. Low ceilings and very small rooms. Threesome with son and daughter closely. Even have lunch in the queue.

“Very dark, always dark. And we still have summer, when you shut off the heating, we have swell doors cease to be closed. Damp, things are not quite dry,” complains Marina Viktorova.

because of the damp under the Wallpaper spread the mold. The whole family is suffering from allergic cough.

– So we are very happy about the move, I hope it will happen very quickly.

brand New apartment located on the 11th floor and its area is almost two times more — 48 square feet, and was 78 meters. The advantages are many: two balconies, nice view from the window (not on the road, as before), separate bathroom and spacious kitchen.

a New house on Kominterna street is very close, go for about 5 minutes. This is one of the guarantees of the renovation program — displaced persons get apartments within the area. In total, the new building will move to 108 families.

“Only in the Babushkinsky district for demolition of the building gets 93. For this five-story building matched the eight launch sites, four of which are already transferred under the settlement. Four are in the planning, the first of them will be commissioned in 2022,” — said Alexander Potekhin, head of the renovation Department of construction of Moscow.

And this is the Basmanny district. Here build a house for resettlement under the program of renovation. High-rise bwill be different — from six to ten floors. The residents will have their own underground Parking. Housewarming party in this house celebrates nearly 300 families.

“here will be the third section, here the fourth and fifth section of variable height. She’s gonna be so expressive architecture, because it appears to Baumanskaya street. It will be very very beautiful,” says Andrey Sozonov, Deputy Director of the contractor company.

In the list of launch sites for construction under the program of renovation included yet 81 address. Five of them are in the Northern Izmailovo. On the 15th the Park for renovation and got more than 30 Khrushchev. Their demolition is planned in the end of 2020. And this new house to build is a starting point already defined. Residents relocated in a modern fifteen storey building, which is literally 50 metres away. Here already completed the monolithic works and started the decoration.

After public hearings in December 10 launch pads, on the contrary, was removed from the list, as the residents voted against the construction.

“we now Have 431 area and 6 million 700 thousand square meters. What is it? It is guaranteed 30% of the program. We have a political decision which we make urban planning work, the project and started the construction. Here is the main result of our work”, — said Marat Khusnullin, Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction.

the renovation Programme was launched two years ago. During this time, for the settlers had built 49 houses. In 2020 in operation will hand over another 65 buildings.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”