In 62 years died ex-Senator and lawyer Yevgeny Tarle

the 63rd year passed away, the former Senator from Tambov region and a well-known lawyer Yevgeny Tarlo. According to preliminary information, the cause of death was a heart attack.

About the sudden death Tarle RIA Novosti reported the Senator from Tambov region Alexey Kondratyev.

“Impossible to believe that took the life of such an active, kind and very mighty Swinger,” admitted Kondratyev.

He said that Tarlo was a professional — doctor of legal Sciences, and worked in this field long enough — was and the judge was, and a lawyer, and then created his law office.

he Entered the law faculty of Moscow state University Tarle not the first time. Then, said Kondratiev, he left to serve in the Navy, served 3 years and then went where you wanted, have achieved their goal.

in Addition to the legal practice was varied and the interests of ex-Senator: he loved to cook, sing, traveled a lot, and most importantly – was always ready to help people in solving their problems.

In Council of Federation interests of the Tambov region Yevgeny Tarle was represented from 2007 to 2015, then headed the Foundation “Legal state”, was also Vice-President of the Federal Union of lawyers of Russia.