In Amsterdam during the show with a 10-meter height fell two acrobats from Russia

In Amsterdam, the Carre theatre and had an accident — during the presentation of the “world Christmas circus” with a 10-meter height fell by two artists, an acrobat from Russia.

the producer of the presentation of Henk van der meiden said that the actors singing the number “Heavenly angels”, while fell from a height of about 10 meters. The man fell on the woman, reports TASS. The producer of the show said that this pair known that serves no protective mesh.

the Acrobats were immediately hospitalized. Upon admission to the hospital both were in mind. According to doctors, the injury of one of the artists is very serious.

Immediately after the incident, the entire audience was removed from the hall and the performance was canceled.

the Investigation into the incident will be doing a special Inspectorate under the Ministry of social Affairs and employment of the Netherlands, as it happened in the workplace.

the Annual presentation of the “world Christmas circus” is held for 35 years. The participation of several dozen artists from nine countries. In 2017, the number of “Heavenly angels” received a prestigious circus award the “Golden clown”.