In Bashkiria will judge a serial killer pensioners

In Bashkiria will judge a serial killer. From 2008 to 2011 in Krasnokamsk and Yanaul regions he had committed six murders and robbery.

As reported by the GTRK “Bashkortostan” has aired on the channel “Russia 24”, the victims of the robber were two pairs of pensioners and the father with the son. Then the criminal has not been apprehended. On his trail brought a series of thefts in Yanaulsky district. For these crimes in 2018 was convicted of one of the locals. However, the investigators drew an analogy with the crimes of the past, and found many similarities.

Criminologists have collected sufficient evidence base. indicating the involvement now of the accused to the crimes. He chose obviously older and vulnerable people. Came to them in the trust and under the guise of a seller of goods come into the house. Methods of dealing with victims was simple — either blunt trauma to the head or strangulation. Trace tried not to leave.

After the arrest, the suspect tagged in the jail. During interrogations, he pleaded not guilty, but investigators have enough evidence for prosecution. The case was referred to court.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”