In Bashmet the Centre of a festival of musicians of the Philharmonic Children's future

In Moscow, Bashmet Center were made by the participants of the project “international children’s Philharmonic society of the future.” The young virtuosos have been playing at a professional level, and soon will go on his first tour abroad.

In his thirteen Andrew, the already famous pianist, who won the hearts of thousands of viewers of “the Blue bird”, winner of many international competitions. Music is his life and his world.

“In the morning he first goes to the tool. Directly in my pajamas,” says the mother of Andrei Filonov Victoria Zaporozhye.

Andrew – boy special. In childhood he was afraid of the sounds, but everything changed when a synthesizer. Now virtuoso playing affects even the professionals. For Christmas day evening in Bashmet Center Andrew chose works by Scriabin and Tchaikovsky.

Andrei Filonov – soloist of the International children’s Philharmonic society of the future. During the year, it brought together dozens of young musicians from Russia and other countries. Masha Golovchenko nine. The flute and saxophone she plays at a professional level. Wants to create his own jazz group.

“so Many people wishing us immediately to speak, we decided to develop the theme of these annual Christmas concerts”, — said the Director of the International children’s Philharmonic society of the future, the President of Fund “Art for all seasons” Lada Merkulova.

Two Christmas concerts Children’s Philharmonic hall sums up the year. At one stage the most talented young musicians. The evening opens with the Polonaise Wieniawski violinist Grant Bashmet. The piano part performed by Ksenia Bashmet.

“Format, in my opinion, beautiful. Weekend, two concerts. To gain stage experience is very important,” says the pianist, curator of music programs Bashmet Center Ksenia Bashmet.

the Festival was only musical. A decade of artist Maria Baranova presented his first exhibition of works — intuitive painting mAscrapping and watercolor.

“I think everyone when starting the dandelions, I think, where does each feather,” she says.

And Mary – skater. At the Christmas festival, she presented a fragment of his ice shows.

Plans for the New year massive: in the spring of the musicians of the Children’s Philharmony will go for their first foreign tour in the Italian San-Remo.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”