In Belarus overturned the death sentence against the murderers of pensioners

the Supreme court of Belarus overturned the death sentence against Victor Scrungie, who is accused of killing retired. The case will be sent back for retrial.

in addition to Scrungie participation in the crimes took Vitaly Rebellion and Valentin Burnin, they were assigned to 22 years and 18 years in prison respectively. As reported TUT.BY their actions the people of Belarus have made in order to get money to drink.

In January 2019 in the village Sukhovchitsa was killed 79-year-old Michael Shugaley. First, the pensioner was strangled with a lace from sports pants, and then started a fire in his house. As it turned out, Shugaley burned alive.

a week after the first murder was an attack on a 94-year-old Vladimir Garkavogo. He, too, was strangled and then burned alive.

within 10 days after the second murder, the men attacked the 85-year-old Sophia Macale. Victor Skrundi beat up a pensioner, threatened to kill, extorting money on booze. Fortunately, my grandmother managed to survive. Thanks to her, law enforcement officials and were able to start the investigation against the murderers.

the Supreme court overturned the death sentence against Scrungie because he was not the main culprit of the incident of crimes. The accused asked him to remain in prison, but not to deprive of life.

Belarus is the only country in Europe and in the CIS, and to this day has the death penalty. An exceptional measure of punishment can be appointed only in relation to men who have reached the age of majority.