In Borovichi 54-year-old man after a broken arm was diagnosed with pregnancy

In the Borovichi district Central hospital appointed an internal review after a 54-year-old man was diagnosed with pregnancy. With such epicrisis the patient was discharged.

it All started with the fact that the man at the end of 2018 arrived in Borovichi the hospital with a broken arm. During surgery, the patient somehow caused three severe burn what was not warned and was put in plaster. Medical error was discovered when the man festered wounds, according to news Agency “Novgorod the Great”. To remove the metal he went to the regional center of Novgorod. When you look at the medical doctors, to put it mildly, surprised colleagues recommended the removal of the structure only after delivery, since man discovered the pregnancy at 27 weeks.

Pictures of case history posted in one of the groups of social network “Vkontakte” resident Borovichi. Users are not left without attention this post. In addition, some shared their sad experience in the hospital. In the words of one commentator, her relative is discharged from the surgical Department with a status of “clinical death”.

the press service of the Ministry of health Novgorod region reported that the chief physician appointed an internal audit in the Borovichi district Central hospital after the incident. The Ministry noted that earlier in the Ministry of health of the region appeals to the errors in the extracts have been reported, according to RIA Novosti.