In Britain, the died the world's oldest cat

In the UK died the oldest cat in the world. Maine Coon named Rabbi lived for 31 years. On the death of a four-legged, reports the Daily Mail.

In human terms, the cat was 150 years. The Rabbi gave the hostess for the 20th anniversary. Since then, Michelle Heritage are not separated from your pet. 31 year cat hit in may of this year.

the Woman told that the pet did not have any problems with health — he died from old age. The longevity of the animal Heritage explains that she herself never had children of their own, because of the Rubble she was pampered as a child.

Before his death, the cat was very thin. On the tragic day he crossed the road near the house, as he did usually, but not returned.

Previously, the record of longevity belonged to the Siamese cat breed named Scooter. He lived in Texas. The animal died in 2016 at the age of 30 years.

Earlier it was reported about the death of a cat named Bob, who became the hero of several books and a feature film.