In Buryatia sentenced a grandmother, my grandson is tortured for the sake of good marks

In the Mukhorshibir district of the Republic of Buryatia held the trial of a pensioner, who for a year and a half beaten and starved their granddaughters 11, 8 and 6 years old. Grandma is so intimidated them, and her husband, the grandfather of the girls and their mother and two older grandchildren, that no man anywhere to complain.

Teachers in the school, noticing the bruises for a long time was satisfied with the explanation that the girl “fell.”

Only a half later, in the spring of 2019, when one of the kids came in with visible bruises, the teachers called the police.

the court found that the grandmother thus “educated” my grandson, so they are well studied, and beat them when they couldn’t cope with homework, which additionally gave them including herself.

Got it from her and the youngest — 6-year-old granddaughter, who is ill, Birzeit edition “Baikal Daily”.

the press service of the mukhorshibirskiy district court said that the pensioner was tried under the article “Torture”. She was given five years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period five years.