In Buryatia two extinguish a major forest fire

In Muya region of Buryatia continue to put out two forest fires. To eliminate involved 30 persons, including firemen, Marines, employees of the forest service, volunteers, in addition, used 7 units of special equipment. The fire covered an area of 6.5 hectares. The cause of the fire was careless handling of fire, reports GTRK “Buryatia”.

In total since the beginning of the fire season the region has recorded more than 265 forest fires with a total area of 47.5 thousand hectares. Last year during the same period has registered 257 fires in the area of 55.8 hectares.

Note that more than 80 percent of fires were caused by man. Since the beginning of the season in Buryatia revealed more than 1.8 thousand violations of safety rules. Violators paid fines for a total amount of 5 million rubles.

Foresters are asking residents of Buryatia to take precautions. In the event of a forest fire, please call the hotline 20-44-44.

Recall, for fighting forest fires in the Republic in the near future will be 30 units of special equipment. For this purpose from the Federal budget allocated is 121.5 million rubles.

Text: GTRK “Buryatia”