In Buzova sued because of debts for communal

the media got the information that Olga Buzova sued because of a debt on payment of housing services in the amount of about 11 thousand rubles for her apartment in the Frunze district of St. Petersburg.

As writes StarHit, the management company has repeatedly appealed to the owner of the property to repay the debt. Now, according to some, the artist wanted bailiffs to recover debts.

However, the mother of TV presenter Irina Buzova in the commentary edition of the Nation News said that about the debts of her daughters is not known. According to her, if there was a debt, she would call in person.

Olga Buzova mainly lives in Moscow. Here it is a long time in rented accommodation and only recently became the owner of luxury apartment in Western Moscow.

In November it was reported that the Arbitration court of Moscow has fined on hundred thousand roubles restaurants Buzova for the illegal sale of alcohol.

PR-Director Buzova Anton Bogoslavskaya. He believes that to call the artist a malicious violator “ridiculous”, and the very history of the media “inflated” reports “life”.

According to him, to keep track of everything is impossible, the debt on payment of housing and communal services already paid for, but somehow still reflected the bailiffs.