In Canada started hearings of an extradition to the U.S. financial Director of Huawei

In the Supreme court of the canadian province of British Columbia (Vancouver) arrived financial officer of the Chinese company Huawei Meng Wanzhou. There are hearings to extradite her to the United States.

Wanzhou arrived in court in a black SUV, accompanied by guards and lawyers. Leaving the car, the business lady waved to journalists who gathered in front of the courthouse. The financial Director refused to give any comments.

the First part of the extradition hearings will last until 24 January, reports TASS. The court will hear defense arguments, according to which it is necessary to observe the principle of dual criminality in the extradition Treaty between the United States and Canada. This implies that action should be deemed illegal according to the law of the two countries. Attorneys argue that Canada has no sanctions against Iran at the time of submission of the application for extradition from the United States. In accordance with this Wanzhou may not be extradited to the us side. Prosecutors, in turn, considers that in this case we are talking about fraud and not about the economic restrictions of the United States against Huawei and Iran.

In that case, if the arguments of the defense for five days does not satisfy the judge, date of the second phase of the hearings.

Financial Director of Huawei was detained December 1, 2018 canadian police. She is accused of violating American trade sanctions against Iran, which Wanzhou tried to avoid providing inaccurate information to banks. Some time later, the business woman was released on bail in the amount of ten million canadian dollars (about seven million dollars). Wanzhou allowed to live in the house of her husband in Vancouver before the final decision on extradition. Chief financial officer, under the terms, shall be under the supervision of, and its movement around the city is partially limited.

Huawei, its subsidiaries and Wanzhou indicted on 23 counts, including industrial espionage and violation of anthierensof their sanctions. Business lady in the United States on these charges faces up to twenty years in prison.