In Dolgoprudny know how per night to disguise the place of road accident with participation of the bailiff

residents of the city of Dolgoprudny discuss the resonant accident, the culprit of which, presumably, was the bailiff. He, while performing, was hit in a crosswalk two adults and a small child, and then allegedly tried to escape. In addition, the next day it became known that the Zebra crossing where the accident occurred, was moved to another location.

– Tell us about yesterday’s accident. Why do you refuse to comment on the situation?

the Owner of an apartment in Moscow to communicate with journalists and does not wish to communicate with our crew through the closed door. Infamous fell to the family after the accident in Moscow. The alleged culprit is the son of the landlord and the employee of Federal service of court bailiffs tried to escape from the scene.

video Footage made by eyewitnesses of the accident in Dolgoprudnyy: June 18, crosswalk. The person providing aid before arrival of doctors. Injuries to a local resident Maxim Kharlamov. He was returning home from the store with his son. Bought cake, wanted to celebrate the birthday boy. The child was eight years old. Instead of a family holiday almost happened to her.

the Maxim bruised internal organs. Man can not long stand, constantly kept in side, it is recognized that a great deal of pain. The alleged culprit of the accident appeared in the form of the employee of service of court bailiffs. According to local residents, he allegedly initially fled the scene of the accident, but he went back to eyewitnesses.

it turned Out that at the wheel foreign cars there was an employee of the Federal bailiff Ruslan Inulin. Immediately after that, local residents began to Express concerns, saying, for accident he did not answer. And soon the locals began to share the Internet with rollers, on which the crosswalk where it happened, disappeared.

yesterday there was a vivid Zebra. According to eyewitnesses, immediately after the incident, the stripes were painted over black. And today, less than ten meters, there are new road markings. Sign pedestrian crossing is also moved. The newly dug ground, it can be seen, the grass had not yet grow.

However, in traffic police have explained to us that the plans for porting the pedestrian crossing existed long before the accident. And also he said that dealing with the accident, suddenly became loud. In particular, reported on the condition of the driver, the behavior which the witnesses called inadequate. According to the examination, Inulin was sober.

“In fact of the accident by employees OGIBDD initiated a case on administrative violation under article 12.24, the degree of the caused harm to health of the victim.”

Interest in the accident involving an employee of the Federal service demonstrated and the Investigative Committee.

“Investigating bodies GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region intercede before the Prosecutor on the transfer of materials from the police investigation Department of Khimki of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region to conduct an objective and thorough inspection.”

Obviously, after the investigation conclusions will be made and the place of employment of the alleged perpetrator of the accident. And while he, according to his father, is in hospital, and his car is in the Parking lot at the house. White Chevrolet, apparently not seriously injured in the incident. On the left side, where, apparently, the blow fell, small marks.

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