In Dusseldorf successfully defused a bomb during the Second world war

a Bomb during the Second world war, discovered during construction work in Dusseldorf in Germany successfully defused. This was reported in the official Twitter of the city.

Earlier on Friday, January 17, from the surrounding areas were evacuated more than 11 thousand people for the operation on neutralization of the projectile.

At the end of the Second world war in Germany was dropped over 2 million bombs of various calibers. Of them did not explode more than 20 percent. Every few months when road construction or the laying of the Foundation of the new buildings, workers found the shells. Typically, these findings do not pose a threat to human life – sappers neutralize them for hours.

The mass evacuation was held in Frankfurt am main in the fall of 2017, reminds TASS. Then for work on the neutralization of the projectile have left their homes for 60 thousand people.