In Ekaterinburg has prepared an exhibition devoted to the intelligence officer Nikolai Kuznetsov

“Heroes never die” is a new exhibition, which was prepared by the multimedia centre “Russia — My story” in Yekaterinburg. The main character, a legendary intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov. In the press it is often referred to as a Russian James bond.

He was born in the Ural village and became a symbol of heroism of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war. He rightfully earned the title of scout No. 1, and today in Yekaterinburg are preparing for the opening of the exhibition of memory of Nikolay Kuznetsova.

Rudolf Schmidt, Paul Siebert, Pavel Grachev – all blacksmiths. Great scout terrified the enemies and do the most dangerous jobs in the rear under the guise of a German officer; to open it and could not.

With a short but colorful history of heroism, which, incidentally, formed the basis for the creation of the image of Stirlitz once again met the niece of Nikolay Kuznetsova – she is the first visitor to a new exhibition.

“my childhood was a little embarrassed when he was honored. I went from one school to another, and everybody said here, this is a niece Kuznetsova! I wanted to hide somewhere… It’s not my deeds, — says Elena Sannine. — Honor and praise to those people who are trying to restore his life”.

Heroes don’t die. So named this exhibition where every visitor will become a scholar biography of scout – biography without embellishment.

“was the resentment that we are not paintable his biography. And from the Komsomol, he was excluded, and it was in this life. But the man managed to rise above everything, to prove that he is a true patriot, he loves his country”, — says Natalya Proshina, Director of multimedia historical Park “Russia – my story”.

he Designed the exposition of European experts. The materials helped the Museum staff Nikolai Kuznetsov in Talitsa. The exhibition will open on the birthday of scout – July 27.